Where to Stay in Phuket, Thailand

samsara phuket

When we were in Thailand we were able to travel throughout the country and stay in many cities and island destinations. One of our favorite spots where we spent the most amount of time was Phuket. The reason why we loved Phuket so much had a lot to do with the luxury accommodations that are abundant there. We were lucky enough to stay in three of these stunning properties!


  1. The first property we would like to talk about is definitely the most luxurious spot we stayed in during our time in Phuket, maybe even anywhere in the world! It definitely gives the other amazing places we’ve stayed in a run for its money! This phenomenal property is called Samsara Luxury Villas and it was truly above our means.


samsara phuket


The Samsara Villas are luxury. It is the perfect destination for a special occasion with friends or a family getaway. The 8 villas range from 4-6 bedrooms and can easily accommodate a large group. It is also an amazing place to have a wedding or a larger group function if you want to book out multiple villas!


Samsara Villas Phuket Thailand


The thing that stood out most to us during our time there was the level of service and attention to detail. When you book a night at the Samsara, you’re not just booking a place to stay- you are booking an experience (an unforgettable one!). This is evident as you have staff who are actually living tucked away in the same villa as you for any need you may have around the clock. There is one chef who will stay with you to prepare any meals, snacks, drinks you want! Coconut water straight from the coconut as you lay by the infinity pool, yes please! There is also a butler to help with anything else you may need, like questions about the house, or activities you may want to do.


Samsara Villas Phuket Thailand


Each villa has a similar stunning layout, a large foyer with tall wood paneled ceilings and huge windows that look out to the ocean. They each have an infinity pool to die for (some even with a glass bottom to view the rooms below), a beautiful kitchen with immense dining space, and luxurious living spaces. However, each one also has a unique theme and small differences to set it apart. For example, the villa we stayed in was Hale Malia and it had an emphasis on yoga and meditation. This was clear from the lovely media room/yoga room designed for those very purposes. We had a lovely afternoon yoga session in there followed by some tea! Another villa has an old Hollywood vibe with large framed movie posters and a large pool table. If there are any certain aspects of the house you are looking for, the staff at Samsara will be sure to find something that will go above and beyond your expectations.


Samsara Villas Phuket Thailand


We have travelled all over the world, but there is something about Thailand that makes people fall in love. We believe it is the spirit and kindness of the Thai people, the culture, and the welcoming nature of your surroundings. You will find all of this magnified at the Samsara Villas. It really is pure luxury, and if you are deciding between this option and another for an unforgettable holiday, I️ promise you that booking the Samsara will be the best decision you ever make! Memories can be made everywhere, but these will last a lifetime.

Thank you to Samsara Villas and all of the staff there for an amazing experience that we will never forget or duplicate!


2. The second property we’d like to highlight is The Surin. We actually did a guest post all about our stay here on our friend Bon Voyage Lauren’s blog, you can read all the details here!


the surin phuket


3. And last but not least, we loved our time at The Dream Hotel in Phuket. This is a very modern and exciting spot in town with a rooftop bar and a really fun swim up lounge in the pool! We were lucky enough to stay in a room with our own small private pool. Unfortunately, it rained our full first day here, but have no fear, there is plenty here to keep you entertained! We had a delicious lunch at the restaurant on the property, Trilogy, that allowed us to sample the best of some Thai classics. After our stomachs were full, we walked over to the Sanctuary Spa to have an amazing couples’ massage.


the dream hotel phuket thailand

the dream hotel phuket

dream phuket thailand


Another really cool thing about The Dream hotel was their free shuttle service into town. We used this service multiple times to get to different night markets in Phuket Town. We’d highly recommend visiting at least one night market, and also walking through Phuket Town to see the colorful buildings and beautiful temples. The best way to do this is to book a tour through Phuket Food Tours and you get the walking tour through Old Town with delicious food stops along the way!



When booking your next Thailand trip, we’d highly recommend Phuket and you really can’t go wrong at any of these three luxury hotels! You deserve it!!

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