About Us

above our means

We are a recently married couple, living a lifelong honeymoon!

-January 2011: We met in London while studying abroad during our junior year at Chapman University

-July 2016: Married in Solvang, CA on the greatest day of our lives!

-August 2016: Left to travel through Europe on our honeymoon for 3 months

-December 2016: Moved to New Zealand on a working holiday visa

-September 2017: Left New Zealand to travel through Asia for over a month

-November 2017: Moved back to Los Angeles to settle down, while always planning our next vacation!


sydney australia


We both have this huge love for travel, it is a wanderlust that can never quite be cured. We’ve traveled to 28 countries together and we have many more left to go! We’ve lived on three continents and are always open for another possibility of living abroad.

Living in countries outside of the US has also taught us that generally people do not explore as much where they live, and the areas closest to them. So one of our new goals is to see as much of America as possible (along with the rest of the world!)


grand canyon arizona


We hope you continue to follow along with us on this adventure of a lifetime! We have been lucky enough to live “above our means” at times, and travel to some amazing destinations in some incredible accommodations. But we also want to prove that anyone can do what we do and travel, whether that means small trips around their hometown, or moving to another country on the other side of the world!


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